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Related article: Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2000 15:38:08 -0700 (PDT) From: Piers dandolo Subject: Adventure with DaveSome years ago, when I was doing my degree at college, part of the training was to spend a year working for a company to gain experience. I was assigned to work for a company in the north of England near Thirsk. The personnel department was very helpful and arranged some accommodation in anticipation of my arriving.After my first day, someone from personnel from personnel dropped me off with my two cases at a small cottage about a quarter of a mile along a narrow lane that lead out of the town. It was in fact, one of four original cottages: the other three had been converted into a single house. It was not only quaint, but very comfortable and I soon settled in. I did date a few of the office girls but due to pressure of work and the fact that I was only staying for a few months, I didn't try too hard.I did not meet my neighbor for almost two weeks. He turned out to be a guy, who's name was Dave and also worked in the area as a sales rep. We met as I returned from work one evening and Dave was unloading his car. He introduced himself and invited me into his home, showed me round and offered me a drink. Dave was about 25, medium height, well built with very dark brown hair and intense blue eyes. There didn't seem to be a Mrs. Dave, and he explained that I wouldn't see him much as he had a girlfriend in town and spent most of his time there.True to his word, I didn't see him much through the winter. Occasionally, he would call in or spend the night or weekend. Mostly he would be alone but sometimes his girlfriend would be with him. He was always very pleasant, and when He and his girlfriend spent the Christmas holiday at the cottage they invited me around for the day and to the party they held in the evening.Spring came early that year, and it was pleasant to go home for lunch and sit out in the garden. Although the two gardens were divided by a low Box hedge it Preteen Nymphets Pictures was to all intents and purposes a communal one. One day in May, I came home and saw Dave on the patio. He was naked and lying face down on a sun lounger, sipping a beer and reading a book.When I walked into the garden, he sat up and greeted me naturally and offered me a beer. I declined as I had to get back to work. Nevertheless, my eyes were relentlessly drawn to his groin where out of a shock of dark, springy pubic hair, a neat uncut penis nestled on two very impressively sized balls. We chatted in a relaxed way for half an hour or so after before I returned to the office. All through the afternoon, I felt disturbed and strangely turned on by the experience. I wondered what to expect when I returned, but the house and gardens were empty: Dave had gone.On other occasions I would get home and see the sun lounger out in the garden and wonder if Dave had been out there naked. Eventually, one hot Wednesday afternoon, I came home for lunch as usual and there he was. This time he was sitting propped up wearing only a pair of dark glasses. By now his body had an all over deep golden tan. He stirred as I came toward him.Once again, we talked of this and that, he occasionally vaguely scratching his balls. He asked if I had ever been up to the moors. I looked up to the wide flat Preteen Nymphets Pictures plateau dominating the North and Eastern horizon. "No!", I said, "The opportunity has never come up". "I'm on holiday for the rest of the week. Why not take tomorrow off and I could show you around?" I considered. "I can't go tomorrow. But I think I could get Friday off " "Great!", he said. "The forecast is hotter than ever. We'll have a good day". And so it was arranged.We set off early, taking the bus out of Thirsk up to Osmotherly through the narrow lanes to the edge of the moors. As promised, it was very hot and we were both wearing shorts, tee shirts and sandals. As the morning wore on, the tee shirts were removed as we climbed onto the high moor. We walked for about three miles and came to a pub which was on a tiny road that wound it's way across the moor. We each had a couple of pints of Bitter before heading onward. By now it was really hot, and Dave said he would take us to a place to cool off. About half a mile on, we came to a small but quite deep pool or lake. "Let's go for a swim" , Dave said. "I've no trunks" , I replied. "Who's going to see?" , said Dave, dropping his shorts and climbing into the cool water. True enough, there were few visitors to this part of the moor even in summer during the weekdays. His tanned body moved through the water, out into the middle of the pool. As I coyly removed my shorts and waded out into the clear, cool water, I was aware of my pale body; especially my pure white buttocks and groin. There was a place where you could dive in from the side. I dived in and swam toward the shallows and turned to see Dave dive too. There was a delay in him reaching the surface and I was wondering if he was OK when I felt strong hands grasp my ankles and wrench them upwards. Catching me off balance, I fell backwards, Dave wrestling me to duck me beneath the water and I resisting. Although submerged, I realized that my dick had become hard during this close physical contact. I was glad that Dave had not noticed as we made for the shore.We made our way back via the pub, necking another beer or two, and finally reaching home about six o'clock. The heat had not diminished, in fact it seemed hotter and more airless. Neither of us fancied much to eat. We made a few sandwiches and broke out more chilled beer and brought it into the garden under a large parasol.The more I drank, the more I was aware of Dave's prick thinly veiled under his nylon shorts. He too seemed to become more uninhibited, the conversation becoming more raunchy and sexually oriented. I was now feeling out of my depth. I had an overwhelming desire to uncover, to touch, to hold, to ... I didn't know what I wanted to do with his lovely uncut penis! My reason though, told me that this was dangerous! As I was trying to cope with this, Dave announced that he had to take a piss. I'd expected him to make for the house to the toilet, but instead, nonchalantly dropped his shorts and let out a stream of piss into the flower bed. Afterward, he shook his dick head and then moved his hand drawing his foreskin slowly too and froe over his penis. He turned to me and smiled.I couldn't resist further. I went and knelt before him unsure what to do. He took my right hand and led it to his prick. I touched him all over, his balls his prick, his foreskin. I felt his hands on the back of my head, and my lips were inextrebley drawn to his balls and penis. I took them into my mouth savoring that clean, salty sexy taste of male flesh. Before I knew it he was fucking my face and spewing his wonderful cum into my mouth.This was the start of many adventures with Dave.Any comments to piersdandoloyahoo.com
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